Character Test SpongeSad Indentity MIBB

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In this FNF Playground Mod you will make a Character Test: SpongeSad from Friday Night Funkin’: FNF Memein In Bikini Bottom (Cancelled) (Song: Indentity).

You can watch the video test on my channel at the link:

Original Mods Links: Friday Night Funkin’ – FNF Memein In Bikini Bottom (Cancelled) :

Original Mod Discription: You and your gf watch one of the most popular shows on the internet called spongebob squarepants. You Watch alot of them until you came on the episode called “Just One Bite” you watch Squidward liking the Krabby patty ALOT and suddenly Squidward and Spongebob rap battle for no reason.

Original Mod Creators: GAMERZACH8129

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