Character Test Gaster Voided

Game Details

In this FNF Playground Mod you will make a Character Test: Gaster from Friday Night Funkin’: Friday Night Killin’ DEMO (Song: Voided).

You can watch the video test on my channel at the link:

Original Mods Links: Friday Night Funkin’ – Friday Night Killin’ DEMO :

Original Mod Discription: Friday Night Killin’ is a FNF mod based on the Undertale AU (Alternative Universe) Something New/KillerTale. In this world it’s killed or be killed, so you better watch out. This mod is sliced in 2 different time periods, Prequel and Present. Prequel is all about telling the story of the AU, with Chara and Sans. Present tells a new story, about an encounter between the skeleton and the blue haired boy… Current demo features only first weeks for both Prequel and Present.

Original Mod Creators: Nonkel Flex, ZaltyPiez, M1 Aether, Le Evolution, SkieHiePie, Omoro, IceyDuNoir, Xylamic, BlueERROR

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