Character Test Impostor Red

This mod is only in the html version.

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Game Details

In this FNF Playground Mod you will make a Character Test: Impostor Red from Friday Night Funkin’: VS IMPOSTOR + LOGGO’S HALLOWEEN (Song: Sabotage).

You can watch the video test on my channel at the link:

Original Mods Links: Friday Night Funkin’ – VS IMPOSTOR + LOGGO’S HALLOWEEN :

Original Mod Discription:

Original Mod Creators: Clowfoe, Ziffyclumper, Fabs_, ItJulien, Adam McHummus, phoenix…, KlutchDj, KadeDeveloper, MashProTato, DozenRahyz, ArtCarrot_, Keoni, Rareblin, Squidboi84, BlackJoystick, Postman, Inky, Pietro_Ultra, Orbyy, Offbi, EthanTheDoodler, AnthemOverload, Ellis, Farfoxx, Saruky, Moonmistt, Gibz, xoop, FungiWizard

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